3D Printed Face Protectors



The Buff is very thin and soft with no stitching seams, and it’s very comfortable to wear as a facemask even in the muggy summer months. It’s got a variety of uses:
1. Helpful as a headband to keep the sweat out of your eyes.
2. It’s a neat idea and for those who sweat profusely and who are out in the sun
3. Keep sand out your face and the sun off the back of my neck
4. It works great for those of us who need to cover up the head (lack of hair and fair skin don’t mix)
5. Plus, making a pirate cap out of it is an added bonus.

Protect yourself from nature’s harsh elements by rocking new face mask. Fishermen of all shapes and sizes can choose from our vast selection of outdoor fishing head wear. Whether you are hitting the streams to mangroves fishing expedition, trawling for some big game fish offshore or casting lines in a hidden honey hole for some monster trophy fish, our face masks offer a unique fishing inspired design for you. Remember, keep those lines tight and your neck protected by ordering one of our new fishing Masks today.

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