Gomexus Saltwater Fishing Big Game Trolling Reel – 2 Speed



HX-15/18, Rod Clamp included, Reel Cover included
HX : | 2 0 | 30 | 50 | 80 | 130 | Rod Clamp included, Reel Cover NOT included


Gomexus HX Series Saltwater Fishing Big Game Trolling Reel – 2 Speed

From Prince Edward Island at Northeast for Tuna, down through Bermuda for monster marlin, to Belize for inshore slam, from Panama for topwater predator, up to Graham Island for salmon, via Cabo San Lucas for wahoo, Gomexus trolling game reels have peformed their great jobs well. With max strike ranging from 50lbs/15W, up to 170lbs/130W, you will never miss any species, no matter inshore flat fishing, or offshore for shark. Some Captain in FL is one of loyal fans of Gomexus, he bought more than 50 game reels in the past three year, some for his charter boat, others for reselling. In his opinon, “There is not much difference in cranking and dragging performance compared with top Japanese and American brands, and it’s smooth too, while price is deducted by much more than Half”…

1. Description

Gomexus Produces Quality Fishing Reel For More Than 10 Years, This HX Model Is Specially For Tuna Tournament Fishing, It Has Been Fully Tested Out In The Market For Its Performance, Solidity And Reliability, It Will Be One Of Your Best Buys.

Those who wants to change from old star drag reels to better, strong and compact reels within budget so Gomexus is the solution where you can get the quality equivalent to Penn International, Fin-nor, Maxel and Avet yet in half price of these brands.

It’s far more trustworthy, reliable, and strong than all the graphite frame reels available like Shimano TLD, Okuma Convector or even Penn GLD series. Plus having the best cost to benefit ratio at present in the market.


HX-15, Max Strike 50Lbs, Mono 18lbs/610yds Braided 40lbs/700yds, Gear Ratio 3.9:1 1.7:1
HX-18, Max Strike 50Lbs, Mono 18lbs/675yds Braided 40lbs/800yds, Gear Ratio 3.9:1 1.7:1
HX-30, Max Strike 70Lbs, Mono 30lbs/950yds Braided 100lbs/700yds, Gear Ratio 3.6:1 1.6:1
HX-50, Max Strike 97Lbs, Mono 50lbs/950yds Braided 100lbs/740yds, Gear Ratio 3.1:1 1.3:1
HX-80, Max Strike 130Lbs, Mono 80lbs/1025yds Braided 200lbs/1740yds, Gear Ratio 2.5:1 1.3:1
HX-130, Max Strike 170Lbs, Mono 130lbs/1100yds Braided 200lbs/2140yds, Gear Ratio 2.1:1 1.2:1


HX-15, HX-18, HX-30, HX-50, HX-80, HX-130

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